Training Day 3

Ugh. Day three, and I’m already feeling like shit. It’s not because of the exercise, but the first signs of a cold are creeping in. I have been popping Zicam’s like they’re going out of style. The key is to keep the current conditions from worsening.

Last night, I went back to the gym for a swim. I’d had hoped to be in the pool before 8pm, but got hung up at a meeting for my daughter’s swim team. The young coach needed to give us the requisite commitment speech. It was obviously his first stern lecture as he  struggled through his notes. Since parents were there, he had to acknowledge swimming was only one of many activities their overachievers are expected to dominate.

I see this a lot with coaches and instructors. They want you to think they’re accommodating, but it’s bullshit. They want 110% from your kid. They’re dedicating their time, typically for free. They make the sacrifice, why can’t your kid? It’s what most parents want to hear, and yet they still want their kids to be well-rounded experts. Your kid can be good at a couple things, but usually only great at one or two.

I appreciate what coaches do and I know what it takes. That’s why I’ve never volunteered to be one. It’s a thankless job.

As I write this, I’m feeling my mojo come back. I see myself making it to the gym in a little bit. I am supposed to run 40 minutes, but it’s raining outside. I hate the treadmill, and it aggravates my knee. However, I need to get something in, and I don’t feel much like swimming until later tonight.

Activity Distance Time
Run (treadmill) 5 miles 45:00
Swim 1000 25