Mono Shock

When I was sick, my parents trotted me out to K’s Merchandise Mart on a weeknight to pick up my first bike. It was this beauty, the Huffy Mono-Shock.

My first store-bought bike. The Huffy Mono-Shock.
My first store-bought bike. The Huffy Mono-Shock.

Technically speaking, it was my first store-bought bike. The first bike I ever had was a beat up girls’ bike my Grandpa picked up at a police auction. The chain constantly fell off and the hand grips were disintegrating, leaving my hands black every time I rode it. In addition, it had one of those against-the-wall paint jobs where someone sprayed it, chain and all. The kind of treatment you give a bike after stealing it.

The Huffy on the other hand looked like something that came out of a focus group of 6 year olds. It had everything they could want, while getting everything wrong in a bike. The seat was a like a loaf of pound cake. The handlebars splayed outward. The bike weighed almost as much as me at the time. In fact, I was so light, I couldn’t even move the shock.

It was a good three years before it even fit me. I think mom and dad were thinking this will be the bike he’ll ride until college.

Over the years, I lost original appreciation I had for the bike. Other kids were getting ten speeds and dirt bikes. The mono-shock was neither. One major benefit of riding it for so long was I got used to the weight. I don’t remember when I officially stopped riding it, nor do I recall what happened to it. The one great thing about Huffy bikes. They’re pretty durable, and built to last. I can’t necessarily say the same thing about their ride quality.