I have a headache and my chest hurts this morning. I can only surmise it’s due to the poor air quality we’re currently experiencing. It’s that, or I am having a psychosomatic reaction to knowing how bad the air quality rating is. Right now, it’s at 175, which is considered pretty bad. There’s a prediction it could get up to 400, which is really really bad. Anything over 100 is unhealthy.

This is all being caused by the raging wildfires all over the west. We’re just not getting past all the fires burning in the Bay Area. Last I checked the SCU fire that was just a few miles from us is contained, but not completely out. That’s pretty crazy seeing as it started nearly a month ago. 

The current fires contributing to the poor air quality, and the orange skies earlier this week are way up north in the Mendocino National forrest. That fire, has surpassed, in size, the fires down here. The fires down here were ranked 2nd and 3rd largest in California history. It looks like one or both of those will be broken. Not anything to be proud of.

That’s just California. Washington and Oregon are suffering immensely as well. Over a half million people are under an evacuation warning in Oregon. That’s insane. I’m used to fires down here, I’ve never really seen anything like this up there. 

A couple years ago, I read a book called “The Big Burn” by Tim Egan. The book tells the story of a massive fire that destroyed forests spanning Washington, Idaho and Montana in August of 1910. Similar to this year’s fire, they were made worse by super dry conditions and strong winds. 

The book not only tells the story of the firefight, but how it influenced Teddy Roosevelt to focus more on preservation of the forests instead of caving to the industries that wanted to clear cut them. 

The fire burned over 3 million acres and killed 78 people. Here’s the link to the book if you’re interested.

It’s a really good book. I’m surprised it was never made into a movie. Give it time, I guess.