Training Day 32

My apologies to the readers of this blog if you’re getting bored with the training posts. I’m not really doing this for you as much as myself. Having even a little something to post everyday, increases the likelihood that I’ll post something else later.

Today was another Bootcamp day. I managed to trip over my own feet in class into a nice barrel roll. No injuries, just bruised my pride.

Activity Distance Time
Bootcamp 0 50:00

Training Day 26

This morning we changed things up in the bootcamp class. The instructor wanted to focus on cardio. So we went to the gymnasium and alternated between running and calisthenics with a partner. It felt like I was back in high school wrestling practice, only the coach is nicer.

Activity Distance Time
Bootcamp n/a 55:00

Training Day 23

I can’t say I wasn’t warned. A couple people have said I’m doing too much too so and I think they’re right. The past couple days my right bicep and ligaments behind my knee have been bugging me. It’s nothing major, just muscles that probably haven’t been stretched.

Activity Distance Time
Bootcamp n/a 60:00

Training Day 18

Back in the swing of things today with George’s Insanity boot comp. I think he calls it something else now, like H.I.T.S. It might have something to do with copyrights and IP conflicts. I think it’s hilarious that someone would bother trying to lock up an idea as basic as a workout.

This weekend, I hope to get outside for more activities, I’m tired of being indoors. With El Niño upon us, it might be raining too much.

I hoped to have my new mountain bike by now, but I haven’t had a chance to go get it, and it might not come in now for a couple weeks. My plan was to be riding it this weekend.

Training Day 16

Up late last night, wired from run, but manage to get up in time for Bootcamp with Sam.

Tonight, I hope to pick up my new mountain bike. Stay tuned.

Activity Distance Time
Bootcamp n/a 45:00
Spin 17 miles 25:00


Training Day 10

It’s Wednesday, so today was bootcamp. We’re still doing the same stuff we did last week including a handstand. I tried to do one against the wall, and lost my balance and came down on my neck. I’m fine, and know now why I don’t break dance.

The rest of the day was pretty good food-wise. I managed to go out to lunch at a great Mediterranean place and had a salad instead of some big ol’ shwarma sandwich.

I hit the pool after dark and got in my 1000 meters.

Activity Distance Time
Bootcamp 50:00
Swimming 1,000 meters 23:00

Training Day 4

Again, woke up, didn’t feel like doing anything. Then I just bucked up and headed in for Bootcamp at the gym. I figured I could always phone it in if I didn’t feel 100%.

Last night, I went in for my swim. The post-New Year’s crowd was in full force. Good thing it was too cold for most to even consider getting into the (heated) pool. Part of me thinks it’s not a cold coming on, but water in my head from swimming the night before.

It’s only been 4 days and I’m already getting a little bored with some of the activities. That’s why I went to Bootcamp today. It’s exercise, with less monotony.

Activity Distance Time
Bootcamp 50:00