Stranger Things

Now that Game of Thrones is over, I can spend more of my energy hating on Stranger Things. I used to feel badly that this kid annoyed the shit out of me. But now I feel vindicated. What a little asshole.

“…people everywhere should be on the lookout for Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo, who has just begun production on an eight-episode Netflix prank series targeting our most laugh-ready of societal victims: People just trying to find a damn job.”

The AV Club

I tried watching Stranger Things in the beginning, and couldn’t stand it. Never mind the blatant smarminess of 80s era Speilberg. It’s the hype around how accurately it captures the times that I think is bullshit.

I lived in the Midwest during the early 80s and so my credentials to nitpick this show are impeccable.

No one under 19 listened to the Clash in Indianapolis, let alone any of the podunk towns outside of it. They still don’t for that matter.

Second, the slang. No one EVER said “chill”. They didn’t even use that word in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High.” We didn’t call each other “douchebag” or “mouth breather” (no one Tweeted either). In those parts, being a douchebag and mouth breather are socially acceptable. So they’re not insults. If anything, you were a pussy, a fucker, or a dick. Or a butthole, if your parents were in earshot.

Lastly, kids with BMX bikes wouldn’t be caught dead riding with kids on Schwinns and Huffys. You can fight me on this one.

First family car

The first family car can I remember was our AMC Sportabout. It was like a 4-door Gremlin with wood trim (I think ours had it). I don’t know where mom and dad got it, but they were nuts about it and AMC in general. The Sportabout was totaled in an accident. We got rear-ended and then we rear-ended the car in front of us. I remember seeing my mom hit the windshield while my brother and I were thrown forward just enough followed by the back seat falling down. That was before seatbelt laws of course.

Luckily my mom had her hair in a bun and it cushioned the impact. Though she did have to go to the hospital for a headache from the hairpin. My brother and I weren’t hurt and might have been if that seat had fallen on us.

The next car after that was a gargantuan Dodge Monaco Custom station wagon we bought from my uncle Skip who worked at Sierra Motor in Ottawa, IL. That car has it’s own colored history.

You’ll never see either of these cars on the road anymore. Though I have heard the Monaco Custom is a favorite in the demolition derby circuit.

Old ticket stubs

Found some old ticket stubs from college. We had some great shows come through Champaign.

Before they went all adult contemporary

I think this may have been the first time I ever went to Mabel’s. I had to borrow someone’s ID to get in. This was back before they were all adult contemporary.

Look at the price on that ticket, and no service charge!

Look at the price on that ticket. Today, that’s just the service charge! This was before green dreadlocks and nipple rings were mainstream.

Bob Mould Ticket Stub

I found out it was going to be an acoustic set after I bought the ticket. I was so bummed at first. It ended up being one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. My buddy Rob and I leaned against the edge of the stage the whole night. Vic Chestnutt opened for him. I’ll leave it at that.