Old ticket stubs

Found some old ticket stubs from college. We had some great shows come through Champaign.

Before they went all adult contemporary

I think this may have been the first time I ever went to Mabel’s. I had to borrow someone’s ID to get in. This was back before they were all adult contemporary.

Look at the price on that ticket, and no service charge!

Look at the price on that ticket. Today, that’s just the service charge! This was before green dreadlocks and nipple rings were mainstream.

Bob Mould Ticket Stub

I found out it was going to be an acoustic set after I bought the ticket. I was so bummed at first. It ended up being one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. My buddy Rob and I leaned against the edge of the stage the whole night. Vic Chestnutt opened for him. I’ll leave it at that.

Arlington 500

This morning my buddies and I did 54 miles of the Arlington 500. It’s the first long ride of the year, but my legs were ready. We finished in just a minute or two over 3 hours. Dave led the way for most of it, which explains our good time. Like any good ride, the tailgating after is what I look forward to most.