Training Day 29

My mojo is back. I was hoping to do something bigger, outdoors, like a long bike ride. Alas, I had to take the dog to the damn groomers and they rescheduled the appointment for 10:30. Nothing like taking a big chunk out of the middle of someone’s day. While the dog was getting clipped, I headed to the gym for a 1250 meter swim and a 5k run, both outside on a gorgeous day.

Activity Distance Time
Swim 1250 meters 30:00
Run 5 k 24:30

Training Day 15

This morning I felt a little stiff and sore, nothing major yet. I was up late troubleshooting some work stuff, so I slept in and skipped the gym.

I managed to get there tonight and did both my swim and run together. It’s kind of late for me and now I’m feeling a little wired.

Activity Distance Time
Swim 1,250 meters 30:00
Run 5.0 miles (treadmill) 45:00

Training Day 13

I was feeling some pain behind my knee from Saturday’s bike ride. From what I read, it sounds like I didn’t stretch my hamstrings enough or my seat was too low.  I did a quick 500 meter swim to loosen things up and went for a long run.

According to my training program I was supposed to run 55 minutes. I took off from the gym and ran what I thought would be a big enough loop. I ended up getting back with 5 minutes to spare. So I zigzagged around the parking lot until I ran out the clock.

Activity Distance Time
Swim 500 meters 18 minutes
Run 6 miles 55:00

Training Day 9

Lucky for me I can pretty define my schedule. Sure it’s flexible, and somewhat under my control. That doesn’t mean it’s not full and hard to manage. For me, having a flexible schedule just means I still have to do a ton of work, I just get to do it at different times than everyone else.

To fit today’s workout in, I started working at 4:30 am. Linda had an early flight and and I’m usually up a little bit later than that anyhow. Decided to work from home today so I could take my car in for new tires. I dropped it off when the shop opened, and walked to the gym – where I’m currently working now. Thank God for ubiquitous WiFi.

Activity Distance Time
Running 4.8 miles 45:00
Swimming 1250 meters 30:00

Training Day 7

It’s Saturday so I have a little more time. I was going to go for a long bike ride, but it rained all night and was drizzling in the morning. I was planning on riding with a friend, but we both called it off.

The gym was packed this morning with resolution keepers, so I did my working out outside. My first activity was swimming followed by a 50 minute run. My running route came up short by 10 minutes so I had to append a funky little spur onto it.

Activity Distance Time
Swimming 1000 meters 25:00
Running 5.5 Miles 50:00

Training day 1

Today I got in a swim and a run to kick off the triathlon training.

This time 2 years ago, I weighed 224 lbs and still lived in Chicago. I may have been big, but I wasn’t laying around. Back in the Midwest, when it’s too cold to ride, it’s hard to adjust back to normal eating.

Activity Meters Time
Swim 1000 23:00
Run 8000 43:00
Post workout chill

Fast forward to today. It’s 40 degrees in California, plenty warm for me. We usually didn’t see anything north of 30 until March.

Day one of 1/2

Linda and I signed up for the Big Sur 1/2 Marathon in November and my training officially started on Monday with a 3.1 mile run. The last half I ran was back in 2007 before I blew my knee out skiing. Since then I have run much shorter distances.

The only reason I signed up for this one is the location. It’s in Monterey, CA. While we won’t actually be running around Big Sur, we’ll be close.