Laurie Kilmartin

Back in 2019 when live comedy was still a thing. I booked and produced a show at Crooked Vine Winery featuring comedian and writer Laurie Kilmartin. She is one of the funniest comedian around, hands down.

I had been producing comedy shows in the Bay Area for about a year, booking local comics. Once I got the hang of it, I decided to reach out to one of my favorites. I think I first saw Laurie on Conan O’Brien where she is also a writer for the show.

We couldn’t have asked for a better night for the show. The weather was terrific. We had two amazing food trucks and everyone who performed has the audience laughing their ass off.

I don’t have any video I can share, but trust me, it was awesome.

The highlight for me was getting to hang out with Laurie the next day as I gave her a ride to the airport.

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San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Christmas Show comes to town

Last night the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus brought their Christmas show to Livermore for the second year in a row. The 300+ ensemble did two sold-out shows at the Bankhead Theater. We saw their show in the city a couple years ago and couldn’t miss this opportunity to see them so close to home. Lucky for us, our friend Eric (Santa in the pictures) joined us for dinner before the show.

This year’s theme was “Making Christmas Gay Again”. It was a tribute to the grinch-in-chief in the White House. Santa was crabby because no one seemed to care about him anymore. Meanwhile the elves tried everything to gay it up from Karaoke to opera.

Santa’s Elves

Santa Claus, aka Eric Carlson

I want a Lumber Sexual for Christmas

Mean, mean, Melania


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