Training Day 33

Went to Melinda’s Spin class today. I got there early and added a couple miles to my overall ride. She had us try to hit our highest watts ever. I got the bike up to 785 for about 6 seconds. We did that about 5 times and I felt knockered.

Activity Distance Time
Spin 20 45:00


Training Day 27

Went to spin class and did 5 one minute sprints and 4 timed one mile rides. Melinda, the instructor showed us video from the Death Ride in the California Alps. I went back in the afternoon for a swim too.

Activity Distance Time
Spin 18 miles 45:00
Swim 1250 meters 28:00


Training Day 22

Logging this one a day late. I missed my usual Spin class at 6 and went to a later one led by the bootcamp instructor from Wednesdays. She really pushed speed in the class. It was the foam roller class after that was pure torture. You’d think with a name like that it would be cushy. But no, it hurt like hell rolling back and forth over the styrofoam logs.

Activity Distance Time
Spin 18 miles 50:00

Training Day 11

This morning, I’ll be going to the Spin class I actually like. The instructor is always prepared and likes to mix things up. She shows YouTube clips of cool rides and has better taste in music. One day, someone in the back row complained the videos and music were boring. The instructor more or less said, “duly noted.” Nice.

I don’t know if I’ll go back later tonight for a swim. I’m a little bored with that and need the break.

On another note, two friends have mentioned swimming through kelp at the Pacific Grove Triathlon. I already dislike open water swimming, raking through seaweed ought to make it even less fun.

I made it back to the gym for a quick run.

Activity Distance Time
Spinning 17 miles 50:00
Treadmill 4.4 miles 35:00


Training Day 2

This morning I did a Spin class instead of biking outside in the rain. I’m not crazy about today’s instructor. She’s usually late, plays the worst music, and seems like she’s winging it.

One morning, I was driving behind her to the gym and she was weaving in and out of traffic. I didn’t realize it was her until I got there to see her car parked sloppily.

I don’t go to spin class to discover new music, but she has a tendency to slip in a modern country tune with some mawkish theme about traditional values or some other bullshit.

In the end, it’s not having a plan that bugs me the most. I can ride a stationary bike for 45 minutes on my own, but it gets boring. I do a class so I can mentally check out, and get a workout without thinking. She has this irritating little quirk of moaning and making you turn up the dial every other second, especially if you’re standing. This is a pain in the ass. It reminds me of riding my own bike when the gears are out of whack.

Tonight, I have to go back for another swim.

Activity Distance Time
Spin 20 Miles 50:00
Swim 1000 Meters 25:00