Training Day 31

I went back to the fins for a few laps this morning. I have tried to use a kick board without them for years and it’s the most frustrating experience. Once the inertia from kicking off the wall dissipates, it’s an exercise in futility. The bummer for me is my legs are pretty strong, but they’re useless when it comes to swimming. I kick when I swim, but they’re not adding any value.

Activity Distance Time
Swim 1,250 Meters 30:00

Training Day 30

After 30 days, I’d hope to be logging something more impressive than a 12 lap swim. It doesn’t help that I had to get up at 3:45 so I could drop my daughter off for a ski trip, then take my wife to the airport. I’m sure I’ll crash earlier than usual today.

Posting this is about the only discipline I’m showing today. It’s the day after the Super Bowl, and I’m in serious need of a workout. The game was a total snooze, but the crowd I was with made it totally worthwhile.

Activity Distance Time
Swim 600 meters 15 minutes


Training Day 29

My mojo is back. I was hoping to do something bigger, outdoors, like a long bike ride. Alas, I had to take the dog to the damn groomers and they rescheduled the appointment for 10:30. Nothing like taking a big chunk out of the middle of someone’s day. While the dog was getting clipped, I headed to the gym for a 1250 meter swim and a 5k run, both outside on a gorgeous day.

Activity Distance Time
Swim 1250 meters 30:00
Run 5 k 24:30

Training Day 27

Went to spin class and did 5 one minute sprints and 4 timed one mile rides. Melinda, the instructor showed us video from the Death Ride in the California Alps. I went back in the afternoon for a swim too.

Activity Distance Time
Spin 18 miles 45:00
Swim 1250 meters 28:00


Training Day 25

Eeking my way back into the program by swimming 25 laps this morning. I had a late morning appointment so I skipped anymore activity. I recently bought a car (more on a separate post later) with a manual transmission and no my right arm is killing me.

Activity Distance Time
Swimming 1250 Meters 30:00

Training Day 24

This past weekend was spent car shopping and it consumed a lot of cycles. I didn’t get to the gym either day, and the only real exercise I got was an easy bike ride with Linda  – so I’m not counting it.

Today I was back and hit the pool for 1000 meters and then did some weights.

Activity Distance Time
Swimming 1,000 meters 25:00
Weights 30:00

Training Day 21

Feeling a little sore in the knees so I’m going to ramp down some of the more aggressive training. Managed to get in a swim this morning. Hope to go back for more later today.

Activity Distance Time
Swim 1,000 meters 22:00

Training Day 15

This morning I felt a little stiff and sore, nothing major yet. I was up late troubleshooting some work stuff, so I slept in and skipped the gym.

I managed to get there tonight and did both my swim and run together. It’s kind of late for me and now I’m feeling a little wired.

Activity Distance Time
Swim 1,250 meters 30:00
Run 5.0 miles (treadmill) 45:00

Training Day 14

Today is a morning swim with a bike tonight. I got the swim in and was going to get in some weights or something and got called away for some work crap. Not sure how I’ll get in the 20 bike miles. I am supposed to pick up a new mountain bike tonight.

Activity Distance Time
Swim 1000 meters 15:00