A person who is all ideas and no implementation. The acronym TED stands for Totally Enthralling Demagogue. TEDs are good at describing idealistic future scenarios unencumbered by minor details of execution.

A TED can also be anyone who speaks in public using a headset.


Demonstrating an intense and deep affection for process over results and outcomes.

“Tobias’ is such an asshole. He thinks I don’t understand his ‘process’, but it’s his methodaltry getting in the way of understanding what we’re trying to do!”


The effects of extensive and deliberate retrenching by organizations intended to undermine customer gratification. The act of prioritizing all business needs of an organization over everything else, even when the benefits of doing otherwise are apparent.

“Tobias’  decision to charge a $6 convenience fee tickets ordered online came down to a matter of dikinomics.”