The Methodology

Idea Momentum is a proven approach to improve collaboration and accelerate the delivery of compelling results.

The Principles

Engage with the Problem
Focus on what solved looks like, not just applying solutions. Don’t lose interest in the problem, just because the right solution isn’t sexy enough.

Show, Don’t Tell
Visualize your vision, it doesn’t matter if you can draw. Just go ugly early, because people cannot read your mind. They need see what you mean.

Everything is a Prototype
Give people something they can see and engage with, because user behavior is more informative than opinions. There’s infinite demand for the hypothetical.

Say what You Mean
Using precise language to describe success and failure can be the deciding factor between the two extremes.

Quantity, Then Quality
The part of your brain that generates ideas is in competition with the one that organizes them. When you try to do both simultaneously, neither wins.

Saving Time is Wasting Time
Get comfortable starting over a lot when you don’t’ know, what you don’t know. Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up. 

Input Isn’t Feedback
Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean you have a skin in the game. Sometimes, “I don’t care” is the most helpful thing you can say.

Capture Everything
Ideas are cheap and plentiful, and so are the means to store and retrieve them. This way you won’t keep having the same ones over and over.

Change the Rules You Break
Well-defined rules codify learning so others aren’t doomed to repeat mistakes. Dumb rules only ensure they will.