Choco Taco

Here’s a shocker, I Googled “Choco Taco” and didn’t even have to clear my browser cache. Even more surprising, Urban Dictionary was the third or fourth search result.

I know what a Choco Taco is, I just wondered why in the hell it was in every one of my social media feeds. Turns out, Klondike, the company that owns the brand has decided to discontinue the product and it made national headlines.

Products disappear all the time and you never hear about it. The story of the Choco Taco isn’t about the product itself, it’s about the reaction to the news. It hasn’t been gone a week, and already people are making t-shirts, stickers, posting memes and making those stupid first person videos from their car.

If Choco Tacos were as popular as we’re lead to believe, Klondike wouldn’t be discontinuing them. If anything, it’s probably a publicity stunt to unload an inventory glut. I’d be willing to bet within a year, we’re going to be reading that the people spoke and Klondike listened and the Choco Taco will make it’s triumphant return. They won’t make more, it’ll still be the same ones that never sold and have been sitting in the bottom of the freezer since 1984.

The Choco Taco is the McRib of frozen dairy confections

The Choco Taco is like the McRib of desserts. It’s a solution to a problem nobody had, and it actually makes things worse. The pitch is you get get cone and ice cream in every bite. You no longer have to wait until the end to eat the cone? If started with cone, wouldn’t it break? Not if we make the cone chewy and tough!

With the McRib, I’m sure no one was scratching their head over how to make a sandwich out of a slab of ribs. If we remove the bones, then how will people know it’s a rib sandwich? I know, let’s sculpt pre-chewed rib meat into the shape of a slab of ribs.