Long Pause

I haven’t journaled here in about 2 weeks. I’m coming off the 4th of July weekend suffering from outrage fatigue again. Over the past couple weeks, it has been Christmas July from the Supreme Court, delivering a bag a goodies from the right wing wish list. They’ve rolled back Roe vs. Wade, sensible gun restrictions, and gutted environmental protections. All of it seems driven by a need to stick it to liberals, because it’s all regressive and aggressive. 30 years ago, anyone of those decisions would have seemed like an exaggeration or parody of conservative values.

I imagine the blowback from this overreach will have the opposite desired effect in the long-term. It might be long after I’m gone, but some time in the future, these oppressive and destructive decisions will likely make future generations significantly more liberal. Just look at the backlash of the decades that led up to the 60s and 70s.