Gravel Rides

I got in two decent rides over the holiday weekend. Yesterday, I was hoping to take out the hard tail and do some trail riding. That bike has been acting up with some noise coming from the bottom bracket. I figured it was probably some water or moisture. But there was a new clicking sound coming from the back wheel. I had a broken spoke. This is the third or fourth spoke I’ve broken on that bike. Pisses me off.

So I took the gravel bike out instead and hit the trail. I skipped some of the single trail I usually take and extended some of my road riding.

Today, I took the gravel bike out again and did a big loop down into the regional park where the reservoir is. It’s about 1,000 foot climb to the entrance, and mostly fire roads around the lake. There were a couple a hills too steep to ride, so I had to hike them. I got in about 20 hard earned miles on today’s ride. All told, I’ve gotten in about 70-80 miles over the last 7 days.