Mask Mandate Back

I’ve got a show tonight at 3 Steves and I am mostly looking forward to it. It’ll hopefully be our first outdoor shows, which are way more fun. Also, they just reinstated the indoor mask mandate for our county, and so I’d prefer not being inside for now.

Meanwhile, I’m still plugging away on the Scription Network (working title). I have been giving it the sniff test to friends to see if they get it and whether the differentiation is relevant and plausible.

My friend Mason had an interesting idea to go public with my idea as if I were a member of the network instead of telling everyone it’s a new venture I’m developing. It’s an interesting twist. Tell people hey, I’m part of this new thing for in-demand experts such as myself. It’s for people who like the shit show, who aren’t afraid to jump into the fire. We’re fixers and problem-solvers. We only like hard problems. We’re here to tell you what you should do, not to do whatever you want. If your way is working, then you definitely don’t need us.

People want simple direct solutions to sticky problems. They want to take a pill to make a problem go away. The old me would say that’s just not the way thing works. The new me says, fine, you want a simple solution to a hard problem. Here, take this. It’s $2000. Let’s see how things go. It might be a cure, it might just be a band-aid. It’s not guaranteed to work, especially if you don’t follow-through on your end. But if you do this, you will be in a better spot. And if we’re to continue to work together, this is what I need to be set and in place for us to be effective.

The concept is people in the Scription Network are experts. Full stop. You can’t be in here if you don’t have at least 10 years of domain experience. I don’t care if you sent 10 years at Apple. I know plenty of people that repeated the same year 10 times.

Everyone in the network is available on a retainer basis. That is you, can sign up for their time and pay them on a regular basis and they will tell you what you should do. These are recommendations and suggestions, yes. If you ignore their advice and things go wrong you only have yourself to blame. If you follow their advice and work with them, and things go wrong, they will know what else to try. That’s what make someone an expert.

Each member of the network also has prescribed solutions you can try as well. These are best practice approaches and tactics that you can pay for and be executed by the network. One can easily look at any of these prescriptions and opt to do them on their own, or find someone else who can do it cheaper. That’s totally fine by us. If you have that kind of time, you probably aren’t the right fit anyhow.


Don’t get me started on them. Gatekeeping should not be left to people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Scription Network is pre-screened. It’s self-selecting. Only an expert would want to be in this network.

We’re not doing the job of finding anyone any work. We’re just making it easier to find us, the in-demand talent.

Name Your Price

You heard that right. You tell us what you think the value of making your problem go away is worth, and we’ll tell you whether or not we can deliver it. Every engagement can be profitable for us.

If you can’t put a price tag on it, let us help you. The Scription Network is not transactional. However, when it comes to the Prescriptions, pricing is take it or leave it. That’s only because there’s no point in haggling and nitpicking over things