Olema Ride

For years, I have been wanting to ride my bike along Highway 1 along Tomales Bay. Today I got my wish. I started at Dillon Beach and turned right in the town of Tomales and wound my way down past destination eateries Nick’s Cove, Hog Island, The Marshall, through Point Reyes Station.

I was going to go all the way to Olema, but when I checked my watch, it had 10% life left. I didn’t charge the damn thing overnight. Worried my phone was almost dead too, I turned around. Probably a good thing I did. I was in a headwind the entire time. The last 3 miles from Tomales back to Dillon Beach were grueling. Fortunately the last mile is all downhill on a 10%+ grade.

I’m typing this way late in the day having gotten in a decent nap, and a couple beers. The best tasting beer is that ice cold one you have immediately after finishing a strenuous activity.

44 miles, 4,000 miles climbing, 2,000 calories

Tomorrow, maybe kayaking.

My favorite part of California