I’ve been detained from these entries due to other work stuff that I’ve been plowing through. Now that I’m back, I need to re-engage with Scription Network idea. I was building up so much momentum with it last week.

The concept of having both fixed solutions and hourly solutions isn’t new. The way I’m going to market with it, is. The trick is to thoroughly document things you’re doing the first and second time, so that it’s easy to spell out in terms of a prescription. For example, I just did a project for client that required me to do something I have done countless times before. Most of what I do is from memory or extremely reactive. I don’t always know ahead of time what I’m going to do. I just have a general sense of what needs to be done.

The collection of tasks I’ve come up with to complete the recent project I did is very easy for me to do because I understand the how and the why. That’s where the expertise comes in. If I listed all the things I did, it still wouldn’t be easy for someone else.

The hard part for me is to remember to take the time to document my steps. The reason i don’t is I don’t always expect to ever do these things again. While I was able to execute everything well within the time frame I told the client, i could easily do it faster if I just followed my own steps in an orderly fashion. It’s a recipe that’s all.

So maybe the piece for Scription is to make it easier for people to write their recipes?